Uncharted Territories: Modeling beyond your insecurities

How do we overcome our fears and insecurities so we can reach our dreams?  Being too careful and overly cautious was a problem for me when I first started modeling. I was too protective of myself and it was keeping me from achieving my potential. I just did not realize it at the time.  I have always trusted my instincts, …

adminUncharted Territories: Modeling beyond your insecurities

First Big Audition

My first big audition was so exciting. I was confident but nervous. I was there first thing in the morning ready to go. I patiently waited for my turn to read the script. I did a great job. I could tell they really liked me. I felt good, I was sure I nailed it. The client had me wait around …

adminFirst Big Audition

VIDEO : Interview with Plus Size Model Angela

Angela truly is an inspiring model! From the moment we met we became close friends. She brings joy to her work and elevates those around her. Each life she touches becomes better for knowing her. Her beauty runs deeper that you could ever see in this video. She is the epitome of a beautiful voluptuous woman.

adminVIDEO : Interview with Plus Size Model Angela

VIDEO : Inspiring Healthy Hair Tips!

I was having my hair done in New York by a pro stylist named Hewy. We talked about the way Inspiring Models can have healthy beautiful hair! He explained why hair stylists like the models to wash their hair the night before the photo shoot. They like the hair to be a little dirty because it is easier to work …

adminVIDEO : Inspiring Healthy Hair Tips!

Be an Inspiring Model

I remember the first moment I had arrived as a model was when I was first truly inspired. It was just another high school day and I was excused from class to model in a prom fashion show. I was super excited to model. And the only thing that could get you out of school was a dentist appointment or …

adminBe an Inspiring Model

The Value of a Mentor

Having someone to talk to that I can really trust has been the most valuable component of my success.  My mentors all have strong values and a track record of success. Their are so many decisions to make in life that will effect your future.  When your values are in place and your goals are in sight most decisions come …

adminThe Value of a Mentor

Inspiring Workout!

I am inspired by my new kickboxing teacher.  She is cool and nice and JACKED!  When I do certain workouts they are so fun I forget everything else and get caught up in the moment.  All my stress melts away and I feel very powerful.  I love finding activities that transcend me and I love finding teachers who inspire me.

adminInspiring Workout!